I Believe an Introduction is in Order.

Gentlemen. Ladies. Welcome to A Single Man's Diary. You can call me Duke. This diary will only be posted on by your's truly with 100% genuine stories about my interactions or observations with the opposite sex, unless told otherwise. Some of what you may read will be of sexual nature, and possibly offensive. If you feel you have to comment, go right ahead, what's done is done. I will also give you suggestions of what I have learned from my many dealings with women. All the people mentioned will be given aliases to keep their identities secret. I will post a different case (my interactions with a specific woman) at least once a month, and will start from the beginning. These cases will not necessarily be in order of when they occurred, but I'll do my best. Since some of the subjects of cases appear in the recalling of other cases, I may use different aliases in different cases, but I will never use the same alias for two different subjects. When referring to a subject's "best friend" I will use the name Diamond. When referring to a subject's "ex" I will use the name Squid. I hope you enjoy your stay, and return back soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I really didn't think it would be this hard literally. Normally I have a daily regiment that keep my sexual drive in control, but because of this all out celibacy, a girl gives me a hug, I'm gunna pull a semi-chub. I wake up and salute for an hour and can't do anything about it. I dreamt about going to a restaurant with a friend and the waitress was quite insistent about giving me a handjob and than for me to take her right there.

I'm on what? 3 days? Its making my mind go mad. And it would figure that I managed to get this really hot asian chick to start going out with me, but I can't even do anything really, for the whole month.... oh blue ball here I cum.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Attempting Celibacy

Women are fantastic. I know if I put my mind to it I can get a woman. The thing I really have never tried is being celibate. I know there is such thing called the 7 day challenge, where an individual cannot engage in an form of sexual activities, including sex, masturbation, or any form. I think I have done this challenge before while on the road, but I was thinking I can do this for 30 days.

So completely legit. I shall do my best to do 30 days of celibacy. I will post everyday during this month, and if I do fail you all, I will explain in detail on why it happened. Don't worry I won't let myself succum to my hand or anything like that, only way I will fail this is if I am approached with a offer I cannot refuse.

I hope you all wish me luck with this expedition of mine, and I hope by the end of this I can conquer desire, and sexual longing.
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