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Gentlemen. Ladies. Welcome to A Single Man's Diary. You can call me Duke. This diary will only be posted on by your's truly with 100% genuine stories about my interactions or observations with the opposite sex, unless told otherwise. Some of what you may read will be of sexual nature, and possibly offensive. If you feel you have to comment, go right ahead, what's done is done. I will also give you suggestions of what I have learned from my many dealings with women. All the people mentioned will be given aliases to keep their identities secret. I will post a different case (my interactions with a specific woman) at least once a month, and will start from the beginning. These cases will not necessarily be in order of when they occurred, but I'll do my best. Since some of the subjects of cases appear in the recalling of other cases, I may use different aliases in different cases, but I will never use the same alias for two different subjects. When referring to a subject's "best friend" I will use the name Diamond. When referring to a subject's "ex" I will use the name Squid. I hope you enjoy your stay, and return back soon.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Subject 3. Code Name: Russia. Nice guy experiment.

I honestly don’t think I have ever failed like I did with this girl. Oh Russia… I’ll admit this was a rather piggish thing for me to do, but it back fired just as bad. See there was this girl, who some might say was not as quality as the usual females I associate myself with. Ok here’s the deal, I had a friend who was currently dating this girl, and she had a best friend who was single at the time. Originally I didn’t think much of it, but when my friend and I had a conversation on what sort of guy this girl would go for, I believed she was in need of a nice guy, who would treat her like a queen, and he figured she was like most women who love the assholes.

Well my nature of being kind of a dick slightly disabled my ability to treat her like a queen, but I was much nicer to her than I would be to other people.  After consulting her best friend on the idea of my “nice guy experiment” she agreed to help (mainly because she thought I was actually a nice guy, who liked her best friend, and that I was saying all this as a front for “feelings” I had for her friend). She actually reassured me that her best friend liked me, making this experiment even easier than originally planned.

Things were going quite smooth for the first while. We were in the same program in University so I saw her frequently. I knew that if I wanted to “close this case” I would be in need of going on a date with her. Unfortunately arranging a date with a girl who is constantly busy with work, ect, is just hard to do (and yes she was legitimately busy, I checked). Things seem to be going good with my experiment; she and I had agreed to go out for a coffee during the Christmas break. My mistake was being a dick, I ended up never setting a specific time, and it ended up never happening. The break finished, and for a reason that I can’t quite understand, I continued to being a dick, for the next time I saw her, she said hi, and I acted as if she wasn’t there. Don’t ask me what I was doing, I have no idea. Her best friend gave me an ear full about being mean to Russia, and how I needed to apologize (this only solidified the idea that she like me in my opinion). I did end up apologizing to her, and asked if I could make it up to her. Russia expressed it wasn’t necessary, but I still felt this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally bring this girl out, so I insisted to bringing her out to coffee, and she was persistent. I then changed my plan and asked if I could bring her out to a movie “to get to know her better” (save the ridicule for another time…). She ended up not giving me an answer, and then afterward “thought the grapevine” found that she could not stand me. I confronted her best friend about it, and she told me she had no idea that the girl hated me, and that she honestly thought that Russia liked me, and that was the end of the experiment.

 There is a lot you can take away from this case. For one, though I am not sure if she did actually like me at one point or not, the moment a girl consistently refuses to go out with you, end it and go on to the next one. If a female is into you, she may play some “hard to get” but will fold rather easily. And when she folds, take the opportunity, don’t let it slip because most likely she won’t give you another chance, no matter how average her appearance is. So moral of this one, a girl’s best friend is not always the best resource when trying to get a girl, and when a girl play hard to get, don’t bother wasting you time, for that time could be spent finding someone worthwhile.

* POINTER * Here’s a small recommendation when it comes to talking about females. Always come up with code names for these girls, because honestly it keeps the conversation between the two of you, and even if someone is trying to listen in, they will get extremely confused. Use such names like, Eskimo, D, Bald Eagle. Make it applicable to the girl so that it’s easy to remember.
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