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Gentlemen. Ladies. Welcome to A Single Man's Diary. You can call me Duke. This diary will only be posted on by your's truly with 100% genuine stories about my interactions or observations with the opposite sex, unless told otherwise. Some of what you may read will be of sexual nature, and possibly offensive. If you feel you have to comment, go right ahead, what's done is done. I will also give you suggestions of what I have learned from my many dealings with women. All the people mentioned will be given aliases to keep their identities secret. I will post a different case (my interactions with a specific woman) at least once a month, and will start from the beginning. These cases will not necessarily be in order of when they occurred, but I'll do my best. Since some of the subjects of cases appear in the recalling of other cases, I may use different aliases in different cases, but I will never use the same alias for two different subjects. When referring to a subject's "best friend" I will use the name Diamond. When referring to a subject's "ex" I will use the name Squid. I hope you enjoy your stay, and return back soon.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The girl at the coffee shop

Alright, this is more of a discussional piece. If you are sitting in a cafĂ©, and make eye contact with a girl you think you fancy, do you approach her?  What do you say? Well chances are if she is alone she is either waiting for someone, or has major anti-social tendencies, or is studying and doesn’t want to be bothered. If we break down each situation to basic facts, we will be able to determine whether or not to approach.

Situation 1, she is waiting for someone. This “someone” could be anyone from a date, to a family member, to a friend. If she looks impatient don’t approach. This usually means that this impatience is due to the fact that the lateness of who she is meeting is definitely unintended. If it were a friend, chance are she would have got a message from them, or would be used to this person being late. Same principle could be applied if it were a family member. The fact she is outwardly portraying this impatience it means that either it’s important to her that this person was there, or that it is a date. Therefore impatience is a bad thing. Plus if you notice she comes in, sits down, without a drink and waits, it means she is waiting for someone. If she gets a drink after sitting alone for some time, it means this person is late, you could always use the opportunity to approach her, once you have defined the fact she is not going to wait for that person to get her drink.

Situation 2, if she does have major anti-social tendencies it becomes a attempt at your own risk. She’ll either like you or not. Once you approach it becomes her move, and you can just hope for the best.

Situation 3, if she’s studying/working find a good reason to bug her. It can be a dumb, but good reason. For example, does she mind sharing the outlet she is using for her laptop, you get the picture right? It will be up to you entirely to get the conversational ball rolling, because she could really careless to talk to you on the fact she’s busy, but if you can get the ball rolling your pretty much in the clear.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Duke Talks - Why The “Hot Chick” Is A Necessity

Most of the male population has had that female in their lives that they would give almost everything they had to be with her. Some lucky few get that girl in their bed, so even get them to be wed, but most of us are never with that “Hot Chick”. Most of us do many things that degrade their dignity just to get her attention. Some get buff, some get rich, some even have emotional break downs due to the small ration of work to attention that she gives to us. So why do we not just block ourselves from everything that the “Hot Chick” is? Because we need her.

For one, she sets the bar for us. She is what we reach for, and this will help prevent us from settling for anything below what we think we can achieve. This also helps with environmental hotness, when working in a workplace with few females around your age; you may think the best of them are good looking, when in fact she may just be average. The “Hot Chick” in your life will allow you to realize that this girl really isn’t what her environment makes her look to be. Two, she keeps us wanting to be the best that we can be in all parts of our lives. This means, we want to succeed in our job, be the smartest we can, and be physically fit all at the same time. Three, if she ever decides to cut you off a slice; this will give you the envy of your peers, and will give you a massive confidence boost. Since most women are just looking for a confident male, it will actually increase you success rate with the opposite sex. Four, being “friends” with her can be a massive tool with other women. You can use her to make other girls jealous, or give an illusion that you have something that makes you better than the other guys since she is with you. And if you just got out of a relationship, be seen with her so that even if some how the break up did not go in your favor, it will make your ex think you are fine without her, and may even make her crawl back to you.

There are many other reasons why the “Hot Chick” is a necessity, but I hope these examples will keep you from doubting your interactions with her. Enjoy guys, because it’s all downhill from here, especially for her.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Subject Zero. Code Name: Eraser. Heart Breaker. Part 1.

Everyone probably has a story similar to this one, but you could say I fell in love once. This idea of love since then has seemed not of my interest because of Eraser. See I did the tragic mistake, fall in love with a very close friend. What makes it even worse is finding out I had a chance with her, and I left it slip me by. Our friendship lasted 5 years to this point, and yes for most of that time I was in love with her. It just seemed every time I got the courage up to do something about my feelings she had a new boyfriend. A fatal mistake, allowing the friend zoning to happen.

Supposedly she had no idea up until I straight up ended the friendship and explained how I felt. Well I gave the friendship a summer after telling her, but again she had a boyfriend at the time. I went to her one night near the end of summer to tell her it was over, and I didn’t want to see her again. It took a lot for me to do it, but I couldn’t stand being around her but not being with her. The worst thing about it, and what I have ironically turned my views into, was that she didn’t understand the big thing about being in a relationship. She felt I meant more to her than any of her boyfriends. She honestly believed that all a relationship was, was having someone you could fool around with. Ironically now that is all I look to most of my own relationships. I actually found it funny talking to her that night, because she said I was one of the few people who actually knew her, and how she couldn’t understand me being about to like her knowing all that. I don’t really regret anything that happened though, because looking at how she viewed relationships, I knew I could never have a genuine relationship with her and it was better that we just stopped talking. She could have even offered to dump her boyfriend and try it out with me, but after 5 years, I was done. Some of you will say that it was a stupid idea, but I had to make a decision. Besides I honestly believe now that if you have any form of attraction to a girl you can’t be just friends with her. I could keep going on about Eraser, but you all get the just of it…. For now.

*Pointer* Be able to take the consequences associated with your actions. I once fooled around with an ex’s best friend no less than a month after breaking up with her, and I had to deal with the shit storm that followed. So if you cheat on the person you’re in a relationship with (something I am extremely against, yes I will fool around with an ex’s best friend but will never cheat on a girlfriend), or something along the same lines, take responsibility. Being drunk is not an excuse either, because as a wise friend told me, a drunken man’s actions are just a sober man’s thoughts.
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