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Gentlemen. Ladies. Welcome to A Single Man's Diary. You can call me Duke. This diary will only be posted on by your's truly with 100% genuine stories about my interactions or observations with the opposite sex, unless told otherwise. Some of what you may read will be of sexual nature, and possibly offensive. If you feel you have to comment, go right ahead, what's done is done. I will also give you suggestions of what I have learned from my many dealings with women. All the people mentioned will be given aliases to keep their identities secret. I will post a different case (my interactions with a specific woman) at least once a month, and will start from the beginning. These cases will not necessarily be in order of when they occurred, but I'll do my best. Since some of the subjects of cases appear in the recalling of other cases, I may use different aliases in different cases, but I will never use the same alias for two different subjects. When referring to a subject's "best friend" I will use the name Diamond. When referring to a subject's "ex" I will use the name Squid. I hope you enjoy your stay, and return back soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Subject 2. Code Name: Bloody Valentine. A coffee and hamburger.

So Bloody Valentine was the first girl I was with after Suka. B.V. was employed at the same location as I was employed (not same employer though). It was summer, and I was extremely confident in myself. I had recent bought my first motorcycle (which later that summer I crashed and was hospitalized) and basically felt like a chick magnet. I may have been a little cocky, but it actually worked to my advantage. I met B.V. getting lunch; as a matter of fact she was serving it.

Let’s get into how I really went about getting her. Being a nice guy isn’t always a bad thing, just don’t overdo it. Just making conversation is a simple way to get your foot in the door. Make sure that you stay forward. As in stay in a position that keeps you in her mind for a potential ‘mate’. I would chill with her after my shift, when her store was empty or when she was waiting for a ride. I ended up actually asking for her number in the cheesiest way. She was finishing up her shift, and I asked if she had a pen I could borrow, she gave me one, then I asked for a piece of paper, and she gave me some receipt paper, then I gave her both the pen and paper, and asked if she could give me her number. I know it was bad, but she found it cute and it worked. After you have got past the ice breaking stage, and she is comfortable around you, take it to the next stage. Don’t wait too long to ask her out, if you do you might lose your shot. Unfortunately I can’t remember the specifics on how many times she came over, but basically if a girl is willing to go to your place to watch a movie, or just chill 1 on 1 then you’re in. That is unless you are friend-zoned. I’ll go about friend-zoning in a separate post, but if she says you’re like a brother you’re not getting any. Since I knew she was into music, the first time she came over (I think it was the first time), I taught her a little bit of guitar, and then her and I had some fun on my piano. The fact that I actually noted stuff in my head when she would talk gave me an advantage when she finally came over. All in all I got what I needed. Again hate me but I’ll go about what to do once she’s already back at your place in another post.

Problem was I didn’t even give her a chance to start a relationship. I was not willing to do it, but I never really broke it off. I kept having lunch with her, because having lunch alone would suck. Afterwards though (about 3 weeks later) she did end up calling my and having a long talk about how she had feelings for me, and what the hell happened. Lesson learned, be straight up with a chick when you’re not feeling her, I was lucky enough to be done that job when I got the call though. It could have got ugly if I was still employed there.

*Pointer* If you choose to partake in a sex position of which requires you standing either make sure that you remove your socks, or stand on a high friction surface such as carpet. If not, well you can imagine, you’ll slide around a bit.

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